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Here is the newest exciting fishing report from the shark fishing messageboard, written by NC Sharker of the WWW.NORTHCAROLINASHARKFISHING.COM website.

Ok you all have waited long enough . Ok so Thursday night is when Justin and I caught my first big sand tiger. Well after that I just needed more .so Friday morning I went to the tackle shop really early to get another top shot for my 6/0 that had been shredded the night before. Well these 2 guys asked me what I was fishing for with the big reels . So I told them aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll about the land based shark fishing thing. As soon as I was don’t they both said “im in” and we made plans to meet them on the sand and they could get to see all this first hand. So that night Justin and I meet up with them and get on the sand at about 7:00 pm. We went back to the same spot that I had caught the big sand tiger the night before and set up and yakked out 3 baits. Well it was stupid quiet for about 4 hours not a click just us talking to the new guys about what this sport is all about. What happened next Justin and I just couldn’t grasp. Out of nowhere zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Justin’s rod goes ape $&^&^$% so he grabs it sets the hooks and it is on. he screams get the belt so I get the release bag and get the belt on him and he says “this is a monster fish man” just than all I here is another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I look back and theres my rod and she’s going off. So I pick up ,set ,and now Justin and I are in to are first STUD DOUBLE HOOK UP!!!!!!! Now as all this is going on keep in mind that we have other people on the beach with us that for 1 most likely thought I we where liars or crazy, and #2 didn’t have a clue as to what the hell was going on or what to do. So we are trying the best we can to guide them on stuff like the photos and what’s in the release bag and how to use it. All this while Justin and I are both hooked in to the biggest fish of are lives. So we start telling the guys that we met about how to grab this fish when it gets in the surf and there both looking at us like YEA RIGHT you want me to go where and do what with its tail. Well they didn’t have much time to complain because Justin’s fish was in the wash . I didn’t expect them to do it but they did great not a peep about it just ran in there grabbed it and dragged it on the sand like they had done it 100 times . So now its time for my fish and she’s in the wash to and again those guys were in and out with the tailing. So with both fish on the beach what Justin and I were looking at was amazing to say the least. 2 studs both bigger than the one I had the night before

. Well after some dental work and photos we got them back in ASAP and both fish lived to fight another day.

this was by far the coolest thing I have ever seen . Well that’s it I wanted to also thank the guys that helped us that night they did far better then I ever thought they would, and also to Justin for being a great friend and fishing buddy, it was super cool to catch these fish side by side with ya budd.

OK now as if this report wasent enuff for you I went back out last night with my girlfriend , my boss and his wife and yes i have another report for yall that you wont beleve. i will have that up in about an hour.


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